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With over 60 years of combined experience, supporting over 43 automobile manufacturers, the Automotive Experts and Electronic Technicians at AES Modules have the skills and expertise to get your Electronic Module order done right the first time. We pride ourselves on delivering module services and products that are above grade in both quality and turnaround time so that you, our customer, can get the job done fast with a quality you can trust.

  • Most Makes and Models Serviced & Available

  • Expedited Service Available

  • Commercial, Heavy Duty & Diesel Applications

  • Certified Electrical Engineers & ASE Master Technicians on staff

  • Custom Module Solutions Available

  • Lifetime Warranty

Our Services Include:

Engine Control Module (ECM)

The ECM, or ECU, controls various engine operations in your vehicle. 

Body Control Module (BCM)

A BCM controls most of the interior and exterior body functions, like interior and exterior lighting, wipers, doors and windows, seats, radio, instrument cluster and even HVAC functions.

Powertrain Control Module (PCM)

A PCM is combination of an ECM and a TCM (ECU & TCU), in one module. A PCM, therefore, controls both engine and transmission operations.

Transmission Control Module (TCM)

A TCM, or TCU, controls the Transmission controls and operation. 

We Do more...

Modern cars come with anywhere from 4 to 80 modules depending on the year, make, and model of the vehicle. We can't realistically list all the modules we cover, but we can assure you that we cover almost all modules across the platform with very few exceptions. Call us today to confirm our coverage for your specific module.

Locally owned and operated here in Jacksonville, Florida, AES Modules is the right company to handle your Module Repair and Remanufacturing needs. Give us a call or visit today.

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